25 FLAG 2011

DailyFlag for DailyBread in support of Daily Bread Food Bank Holiday Drive


“Daily Flag 25″ by Erwin & Karen at 58 Leuty Ave. 29×39”. Archival grade pigment ink composite print on heavyweight satin canvas. SOLD $150 For this final flag in the project, Erwin and Karen have photographed several local scenes and made a composite image depicting the spirit of Christmas at our iconic Leuty Lifeguard Station. The nativity scene in this piece has been borrowed from a local church. As for the angel, it just appeared, acting as head lifeguard over the whole scene. Camels are grazing out of sight in the off-leash dog area, since they are not allowed on the Blue Flag beach, besides which they would have trampled the virgin snow, spoiling the aesthetics of the whole piece. Not being used to cold and snow, the wise men and shepherds are huddled around a fire inside, kindly made for them by the angel lifeguards. The simple message of hope, friendship, and goodwill implied with this piece is shared by our different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds – and all of us in this project wish all of you a peaceful and happy New Year.