19 FLAG 2011

DailyFlag for DailyBread in support of Daily Bread Food Bank Holiday Drive


“Daily Flag 19” by The Stanschus Family. 26×38”. Ink-jet print on heavy canvas with Christmas tree ornaments and silver sparkles. SOLD $225 A blue spruce from The Bruce. The three-dimensional realism of the image strikes the viewer first, giving us the feeling that we are actually in the forest in front of the tree. The 19 metallic-coloured baubles on the tree—15 gold, 4 purple—appear random at first and their reflective quality brings to mind the experience of being inside a Kapoor sculpture. But it is their placement on near-perfect isosceles triangle of the blue spruce that offers the most interesting interpretation: a visual representation of the first of the centred triangular prime numbers – you guessed it, the number 19. And, to top it off, December 19 is, of course, Chessy’s birthday!