17 FLAG 2011

DailyFlag for DailyBread in support of Daily Bread Food Bank Holiday Drive


“Daily Flag 17″ by Justine & Abbie at 92 Leuty Ave. 30×40”. Acrylic on canvas. SOLD $40 Abbie and Justy said, “We’re using this opportunity to tie the need for food banks to the spirit of the Occupy movement, which focused on income disparity and growing inequality. A concept we considered, but found difficult to depict, was ”shiddle diddle” austerity, i.e., our message to our three levels of government who appear ready to cut public services to cover the excesses of financial players who continue to benefit, and control, systems that are clearly flawed. As for home’s Advent number 17, the core message of our flag – Fight to End Hunger! – contains 17 characters.”