07 FLAG 2011

DailyFlag for DailyBread in support of Daily Bread Food Bank Holiday Drive


“Daily Flag 7″ by Don, Jane & Mia at 66 Leuty Ave. 27×40”. Ripstop material, nylon-threaded, water resistant. SOLD $125 Jane said their flag is entitled “Arise,” to move upward, ascend. Depicting the universal theme of peace and good fortune with 7 doves moving upward to 7 stars, the number 7, a horseshoe, and an acorn. The number 7 is lucky in both Eastern and Western cultures. It is lucky in Chinese culture because it sounds alike to the Chinese character 起 (Pinyin: qǐ) meaning arise., Also lucky in Western culture, it has the horseshoe symbol of good luck as well as the acorn symbol of good luck in Nordic culture (representing Mia’s Norse heritage).