Daily Flag 27, 2012

27 FLAG 2012

“Daily Flag 27” by Ross, Kim & Sara at 22 Leuty Ave. 54” x 36” Practice hockey jersey and fabric paint. SOLD $50 Last year we had a Montreal Canadiens shirt on offer that secured a pretty penny, as it happens. But we are pleased to say that this year Eaton’s got right and sent our flagmaking team a Maple Leaf shirt…not really, of course, because Eaton’s is gone and all our flagmakers make their flags! Daily Flag 27 is a hand-painted Toronto Maple Leaf’s jersey, and hockey fans will know that the number 27 is a sacred number for the Leafs, worn by to two hockey greats: Frank Mahovlich and Daryl Sittler. The Christmas and advent season are all about hope and renewal. Toronto Maple Leafs fans are ever hopeful (and currently having one of their best seasons in decades, with no losses…)! Now that the holidays are turning toward the New Year, the flagmakers, and this project, want to share with everyone our passion for winter sports, a Canadian trait, and also share our hope for and belief in social justice, another great Canadian trait.