DAILY FLAG 26, 2012

26 FLAG 2015

“Daily Flag 26” by The Mitchell /Mantycki Residence at 80 Leuty Ave. 27” x 47”. Digital image compilation printed on outdoor vinyl banner material. SOLD $250 Daily Flag 26 depicts iconic images of The Beach: sky, water, beach and lifeguard station with the playful addition of a street number, #26 naturally. Twenty-six meandering paw prints can be seen across the beach and a tennis ball sits atop the station, much like a shining star atop a Christmas tree. If you live here, chances are you’ve seen all the happy dogs that romp on the beach, chasing balls and having fun… our dogs live well here! May today’s flag be a reminder that, sadly, there are many people in our city who are not as fortunate and well cared for as our family pets: people who do not have a warm, comfortable place to sleep and who do not know where their next meal will come from or even those who just can’t afford to pay the rent and buy food too despite working. Daily Bread Food Bank helps people, many of them families, through difficult times. Be generous in your support. Now, take the dog to the beach and throw the ball!