23 Flag 2013


Daily Flag 23 on Monday, December 23 at 70 Leuty by Eilis, Stephen & Paula. 24”x48” Hand block printed on cotton. SOLD $100 At first glance Daily Flag 23 appears to be a beautiful, simple monotone interpretation of a Christmas tree neatly constructed from 23 hand block printed Roman numerals XXIII’s and ornaments. But on closer examination one can also see its minimalist influences. Reminiscent of Gerhard Richter’s grey series in which he used subtly different shades of grey to absorb light, this designer uses three shades of red and orange to reflect light. Where Richter used grey to express neutrality and nothingness, this flag takes us in a different direction, where the red and orange express and are intended to inspire energy, passion and action in the viewer. In this case, action to end hunger.