19 Flag 2013


Daily Flag 19 on Thursday, December 19 at 47 Leuty by The Stanschus Family with Sue. 24”x32” Hand sewn and knitted, fabric, ribbon, thread and wool. SOLD $75 Daily Flag 19 abounds with representations of 19 and Advent. The beautifully executed artisanal handicraft in this folk art depiction of a sailing ship presents the ecclesiastical colours of Advent in the blue sea and purple hull of the ship. Sagittarius, the zodiac sign for December 19th, sits in the top left corner and the Roman numerals for 19 in the top right. There are 19 oar holes in the hull of the ship, 19 friendship bracelets, representing fishes, and 19 loaves of bread on the mast flags. 18 of the Saints associated with December 19th are named on the friendship bracelets, the 19th bracelet being for Francesca – not technically a saint, not yet at least, but it is her birthday!