14 Flag 2013


Daily Flag 14 on Saturday, December 14 at 34 Leuty by Paul & Linda. 60”x52” Herringbone pattern, handmade cotton quilt. SOLD $350 The 14 edge panels and central message of love of this quilt give a nod back to the earliest surviving decorative quilt work from the 14th Century, the Tristan quilt, telling the love story of Tristan and Isolde. But its influence is contemporary as well, referencing the flagmakers’ favourite seasonal film, Love Actually, and their heartfelt belief that love…actually…is all around us – in our neighbourhood friends hug, neighbours say hello, babies smile, dogs’ tails wag with joy. And the giving and sharing of food – in our homes or to our local food banks – is one of life’s most intimate expressions of love.