12 Flag 2013


Daily Flag 12 on Thursday, December 12 at 6 Violet by Christine & Uwe. 24”x36” Free-form plasma-cut by hand on heavy gauge stainless steel plate. SOLD $330 The 501 Streetcar zooms past Fire Station 227 in The Beach as the clock strikes 12. Some see 12 midnight as the end of a day, others as the start of a new one. 12 could also represent the last month of the year, with a new year about to start. Whether 12 is the beginning or the end, let us remember that no one should end a day or the year having gone hungry; and no one should start a day or the year not knowing whether there will be enough food to put on the table. In Toronto, Fire Stations are collection points for food donations, and 227 is partnered with DailyFlag this year. Bring your food donations there, or make your cash donations through our website.