06 Flag 2013


Daily Flag 6 on Friday, December 6 at 26 Leuty by The Family at 26. 36”x36” Cotton, gold thread on heavy weight cotton backing. SOLD $250 Snowflakes often have six-fold radial symmetry because the crystalline structure of ice is six-fold. Once the initial structure is formed, the six arms of the snowflake then grow independently. The micro-environment in which the snowflake grows changes dynamically as the snowflake falls through the cloud, and tiny changes in temperature and humidity affect the way in which water molecules attach to the snowflake. Since the micro-environment (and its changes) are very nearly identical around the snowflake, each arm can grow in nearly the same way – just like this handmade flag, which displays nearly perfect six-fold symmetry, with minor variations due to tiny changes in the focus and attention of the flagmaker!