05 FLAG 2013


Daily Flag 5 on Thursday, December 5 at 93 Leuty by Ray & Cathy. 20”x36” Original design composite print on display grade vinyl. SOLD $50 The five famous syllables from Deck the Halls standout in this flag on first glance with their traditional Christmas colours, followed by obvious references to five in the number of reindeer and gifts in the sleigh. But it is the black colour of the reindeer and the sleigh that signal the flagmakers thoughts here, not on numbers but on statistics: 5 years in row GTA food banks have seen 1 million visits; 2 in 5 adult clients are hungry at least once a week, as are 1 in 5 children; and, on average, clients have just $5.83 left over per person per day after rent is paid.