About the Project

DailyFlag for DailyBread is an Advent calendar-inspired community art installation by residents of Leuty and Violet Avenues in Toronto’s The Beach neighbourhood. Our goal is to raise $27,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank Holiday Drive 2015.

Welcome banner

How it works

From Dec. 1st-25th, 25 homes on Leuty and Violet Avenues will design, make and fly one flag outside their homes. From December 1st to January 9th the flags will be auctioned to the highest bidder on this website.

Last year we raised $26,400 through the auction and additional donations. Watch the daily flag releases here, or better yet, come down to The Beach and see them up close!

Please help us to reach this year’s target of $27,000 by bidding on your favourite flags or by showing your support for our project with a donation.

We are also seeking donations of non-perishable food which can be dropped off at Fire Station 227, 1904 Queen Street East.

Why this matters and why we want you to help

We hope our friends, family, colleagues and the general public will follow this project and take part in the online auction or make a donation because this is a really important issue. Too many Torontonians—children and adults—go hungry every day. The flagging economy is leaving more people without enough money to pay the rent and buy good, nutritious food. And the shift from full-time, decently-waged permanent work to more part-time, low-waged, insecure work means many working families are not able to earn enough money to make ends meet. As a result, food bank use is on the rise with 896,000 food bank visits in the GTA in 2014/15. The added pressures of the holiday season make it even harder for so many families to cope. Learn more about the issues from the Daily Bread Food Bank’s Who’s Hungry Report 2015.

We think the fact that so many people and families lack the basic necessities of life, food especially, is just not acceptable in our society. The fact that this is happening demands all of our attention to help those in need now with food donations, but also to work towards long-term solutions so that people—individuals, families and children—will not have to rely on food banks to get by. That’s why we support Daily Bread Food Bank, because they do both: they provide food to a network of food banks serving nearly 800,000 client visits last year alone and they advocate for policy and social change based on good research and solid facts.

Sometimes you hear people say that we shouldn’t support food banks because they won’t solve the real problems. Well, of course we wish that food banks wouldn’t be necessary, but they are, and we need to help people now so that they have the energy, quite literally, to be part of change in the future. Using art-based projects can be a powerful way of bringing a community together to help others and to raise awareness of the challenges people in our city are facing everyday. And that’s what we want to achieve with this project.

How we came up with DailyFlag for DailyBread concept

Back in 2010, we (Benedict and Michelynn), with the help of some talented friends, made numbered paper flags that we stuck on our front lawn each day from December 1st to 25th and then published photos of them on our facebook pages. Friends and family around the world followed our little project and started asking to buy them. We decided to offer them to the highest bidder and donate the money to Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. We sold off about half the flags and raised $600.

2010’s success was unplanned, so in 2011 we thought we should plan the flag project as a fundraiser for Daily Bread Food Bank from the outset and set our goal much higher. And, just to keep it fun and interesting, we asked 24 other houses on our street to take part so that a new flag would be unveiled at a different house, made by different people, every day from December 1st to 25th.

2011’s DailyFlag for DailyBread project was a terrific success. We raised $5,560 in cash donations with the flag auction sales, individual donations and local business donations, and an additional 716 pounds of food from local business contributions and Williamson Road Junior School’s students’ project (worth more than $1,882 retail value). So we did it all again in 2012 and raised a remarkable $11,619! 2013 saw the total funds raised go higher still at $18,492 and 695 of food. And 2014 blew us all away when we raised an astounding $26,400.

And here we are today in our fifth year! This year we want to beat 2015’s superb result and have set our cash donation target at $27,000 plus food donations! We need your help to get us there.