22 Flag 2015


22 Flag 2015

Daily Flag 22 on Tuesday, December 22 at 64 Leuty by the McArthur Family. 26”x36” Original photograph laser print transfer on reclaimed butchers block. “Scarcity.” DailyFlag 22 is a familiar scene – Leuty Lifeguard Station. But the image is out of focus and fractured into 22 pieces, to reflect the idea that it is hard to focus on other things when you are hungry, and trying to pick up the pieces of life is a next to impossible task. This is not just sentiment on the part of our flagmakers. Princeton scholar Eldar Shafir provides ample evidence to explain how scarcity, in particular being poor, has hugely negative impacts on people’s ability to get ahead because they need to spend the majority of their time and effort on just getting by. It’s not rocket science, you might say, but then again, we still have not brought poverty to an end, have we? But we could… To place a bid on this flag, enter your bid in CAD $ in the comment box below.

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