13 Flag 2015


13 Flag 2015

Daily Flag 13 on Sunday, December 13 at 3 Violet by Franky and Amy. 30”x48” Acrylic paint on primed, stretched canvas, armature wire and custom wood frame. “Flower power.” The delicacy of the 13 petals is contrasted by the strength of the 13 wire rings forming the disk of the daisy in DailyFlag 13. Daisies represent love, life and joy and, for our flagmakers, the sense of hope that one experiences watching flowers grow and bloom. Like the simplicity of a daisy, the simple message here is that anything is possible if we put our hearts and minds to it, and like the delicate petals are supported by the wire disk, acts of kindness from one to another strengthen humanity all round. To place a bid on this flag, enter your bid in CAD $ in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

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