12 Flag 2015


12 Flag 2015

Daily Flag 12 on Saturday, December 12 at 66 Leuty by Don, Jane & Mia. 20”x40” Cotton, bark cloth, hand-sewn and machine stitched. “Windows on The Beach.” Inspired by the traditional 12-paned Georgian window, DailyFlag 12 offers a view of the charms of The Beach in Toronto: racoons in the bins; the Leuty Lifeguard Station; acorns falling from the glorious oaks; choppy lake waves; colourful dinghies; the détente between the foxes and dogs; falling autumn leaves; traditional canoes; Jazz Festival saxophones; perfect sandcastles; coffee to die for; and, our favourite, ice cream cones! We love these little reminders of our neighbourhood, but the checkered, golden-brown backdrop brings us back to the purpose of our project: bread for the table. To place a bid on this flag, enter your bid in CAD $ in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

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