10 Flag 2015


10 Flag 2015

Daily Flag 10 on Thursday, December 10 at 81 Leuty by Darrell & Darlene. 30”x50” Original photoshop assemblage printed on vinyl. “Harvest time 8×10.” DailyFlag 10 presents a bold, graphic depiction of a lush aerial farmland scene that is diagrammatic in quality, as if someone was devising a plan. It features combines, trucks and a railroad all working together to gather the bountiful harvest to bring it to the consumer. While many of us will be buying these ingredients for our own festive dinners, let’s not forget those who cannot afford these necessities and must rely on food banks to get them from one week to the next. Donate today. To place a bid on this flag, enter your bid in CAD $ in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

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